Best face moisturizer for winter 2019
January 15, 2019

In a winter with record cold temperatures, a great face moisturizer has never been more valuable. The plunging temperatures and whipping winds can dry out skin in no time, and if you don’t want to spend months at a time with itchy, flaky, irritated cheeks — and we have to assume you don’t! — finding the best face moisturizer for winter is absolutely essential.

With MASSE, you’ll be choosing from the best face moisturizers around, as recommended by real users who have tried the products they review. As you probably know, the internet is filled with fake reviews and sponsored posts, but at MASSE, you’ll only find honest questions and answers from your fellow shoppers, which in turn makes your shopping easier and a lot less confusing. No matter what kind of skin you have and how much hydration you need, MASSE users have you covered.

Because there’s such a wide variety of face moisturizers, you’ll find they carry a huge range of ingredients. But you’re generally going to be looking for a few uber-important features, each of which serves a different purpose. The best face moisturizers for winter work by drawing in water, locking it in with a new protective layer, and smoothing out skin on the surface level. Doing so helps heal dry skin, keep it hydrated, and add a bright sheen that’ll have you glowing.

Our users’ favorite facial moisturizers for dry skin span lighter and heavier brands and can be used both daily and even more frequently (hey, the cold can be brutal on your hands and face). They also hit different price points, so no matter what budget you’re working with, you’ll find a great hydrating face moisturizer that will get you through a winter filled with record-setting freezing temperatures!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intense Hydration Cream
First Aid Beauty
Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre
Avene - Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream
Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream - Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Dry Skin
Drunk Elephant
CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM SPF 30
A super-hydrating moisturizer that goes on light and keeps skin soft, First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Intense Hydration Cream is beloved by MASSE users, as they say it’s “super hydrating” without feeling too heavy or greasy. With natural ingredients like Colloidal Oatmeal and Shea Butter, it’s safe for full-body use by the entire family.
Soy protein, aloe vera and shea butter help make Embryolisse’s Lait Creme Concentre a favorite of MASSE users. A creamy moisturizer that goes on easy and can be used multiple times a day, it absorbs easily to soothe and revitalize skin. Our users love its consistency and swear by the way it makes their skin feel.
MASSE users have been in love with Avene’s hydrating face moisturizers for years thanks to their ability to brighten skin and seal in moisture without leaving the greasiness that so many other products create. It’s a rich, creamy favorite that won’t break the bank, so you can keep applying it all year long.
Great for sensitive skin, Drunk Elephant’s Lala Retro Whipped Cream is packed with natural ingredients that nourish dry skin and leave it soft and shiny. MASSE shoppers love its “magic” ability to feel thick and creamy without clumping on the skin or leaving it feeling oily, either. The rich complex melts in quickly and leaves you with a full day of hydration, making it one of the best face moisturizers for winter!
Recommended by dermatologists, CeraVe’s Facial Moisturizing Lotion is beloved by MASSE shoppers, who praise the moisturizer for its lightweight feel and deep hydration capabilities. It’s been a go-to for years because it both soothes the skin and protects it from the sun, making for a year-round face moisturizer that spreads easily and works for all types of skin.